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Old Florida Pottery

Potters in Paradise

The Collector's Guide to History, Makers
And Marks

Old Florida Pottery is the first book to define the history of pottery making here in Florida from before the Civil War to the early 60's. The book identifies the potters who worked here, has hundreds of color photographs of early Florida pottery and pictures of all identifying pottery marks.

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Book review from the Maine Antique Digest:
"With the multiplicity of books published these days that don't really say anything, itís a real pleasure to come across a book with actual content and useful, interesting information. I have to admit that I never had thought of Florida as a 'pottery state' but Frankel has opened my eyes. He does it though thumbnail histories of 13 Florida potteries, from Turnley and Odom in Knox Hill (1859) to the studio pottery of Melvin Casper on Merritt Island, which dates from 1937 and is still operating. In between are stonewares, utilitarian potters, art potters and that jack-of-all trades Addison Mizner, the architect most synonymous with the great Florida land boom of the mid 1920's. There are many good color photos, old black and white photos, catalog sheets and close-ups of marks. Intertwined with all this is a lively sense of Florida history. This book is highly recommended."

Quote from Bruce Graetz, Historian/Curator Museum of Florida History, Tallahassee, Florida:
"I believe you have written what should indeed come to be viewed as the definitive work on the subject. The blend of different pottery examples featured, combined with the historical background about the potters, makes your book an outstanding study of Florida's pottery heritage. The overall result is a work that serves as a valuable contribution to both Florida and local history."

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